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In this episode, we learn about the history of Boston based guitarist, comedian, podcaster, activist and teacher, Joe Messina. From growing up in a musical family and not wanting to follow the family business, to discovering comedy and wanting to become an aspiring writer, he was then diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Despite almost quitting music altogether, Joe found himself embracing music once again, teaches guitar and other instruments, and is about to release his new album Rageonomics. Joe also hosts a podcast that aims to provide a roadmap for those who feel frustrated with the slow and ineffective voting system, and want to do more in the way of direct action outside of sharing posts and signing petitions.

If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants. – Isaac Newton

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Topics discussed in this episode : Victoria Watts | Suzuki Violin Program | Berklee Certificate Program | Anais Azul | Meredith Monk | School Of Rock | Good Good Comedy Theatre | Weird Al Yankovic | Fibromyalgia | National Fibromyalgia Association | DDP Yoga | Curable | John Sarno | Joe Rogan Podcast | Leonard Bernstein | Sammy Davis Junior

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