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To accompany episode 84 with Bruce Ackerman from Printavo, I decided to reach out to some past guests and ask questions about the merch they sell, and if they had any tips for artists that are looking to increase their sales.

In this episode you’ll hear from Sensai, Mika Tyyskä/Mr Fastfinger (episode 9), Amie Chatterley/Dakesis (episode 62), Oriana Setz (episode 19 & 58), Mark Summerlin/Honeyjack (episode 22), and finally Nika Comet/Chase The Comet (episode 39).

Some of my Mr Fastfinger merch – including the cassette Mika mentioned!
My Honeyjack shirt!

Check out the new merch in the store at store.musiconyourownterms.com, or click the link in the menu.

This episode is sponsored by The Skinny Armadillo Print Company. Specializing in screen printing, embroidery, design, on demand digital printing, web stores, fulfillment and more.

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