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In this episode I chat with Gerrod Harris, drummer and manager of the Toronto based hard rock band, One In The Chamber. We learn about his first foray into music in school, getting drum lessons for his birthday, and attending a drum clinic featuring Chad Smith at a young age that cemented his passion for playing. Gerrod also talks about his constant curiosity around how other bands promote their music, social media and playlist strategies to increase your band’s reach, and the importance of great PR.

One In The Chamber on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/oitcband/

One In The Chamber on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/oitcband/

One In The Chamber on Twitter – https://twitter.com/oitcband

One In The Chamber on the web – https://www.oitcband.com

Topics discussed in this episode : Toronto | York University | Ontario | Boston | Scott LaFlamme | Bang Tango | Phase One Studio | Rush | The Tragically Hip | Alice Cooper | Murray Daigle | Mike Smith | Ari Herstand | Aerosmith | Red Hot Chili Peppers | Chad Smith/Will Ferrell | The Rolling Stones | Van Halen | Led Zeppelin | John Bonham | Tool | Danny Carey | Rage Against The Machine | Audioslave | Brad Wilks | Soundgarden | Matt Cameron | Nate Smith | Benny Greb | Losers Las Vegas | Counts Vamp’d | Bovine Sex Club | CeeLo Green | Vegas Knights | Pretty Boy Floyd | Murder Dolls | Ben Graves | Loudwire’s Weekly Wire Playlist | Allyson Song River | Tag Publicitiy | The Label Group | Spill Magazine | Guns N’ Roses | Spotify | Small Town Titans

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