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For episode 40 I caught up with the incredible jazz-fusion band Marbin at The Guitar Sanctuary in McKinney Texas before their show. We hear from Danny and Dani about the difficulty of being a fusion band in today’s jazz climate, the importance of sacrifice in order not only to be the best musician you can, but also to work on building an audience through constant touring. We hear how the guys operate the business side of the band, an important lesson about splitting responsibilities, how they approach writing music with the other members, and bass player Jon gives his perspective on being a hired musician in this arrangement. There are more great anecdotes and wisdom than I can fit in my introduction, so make sure you listen to the whole interview – these guys are not only amazing musicians, but they are extremely savvy when it comes to the business of gaining fans and navigating the gigging circuit.

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Marbin on the web – http://www.marbinmusic.com

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