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Joining me on the podcast once again from episode 8 is none other than my good friend James Dand! We recorded this episode a little while ago, prior to the release of his triple album, which I’m happy to report was released a few days before this episode airs. James gives some really great insight into the making of the album, including working with over twenty contributors, the logistics of legal agreements and the sessions themselves. We also discuss James’ release strategy, and dig into the royalty arrangements for various governing bodies around the world. Also, as an exclusive bonus, at the end of the episode, we hear the track “Heroes Journey” that not only I contributed guitar to, but also features Hal Eisenberg on drums, who I had the pleasure of talking to recently, and we will hear from in an upcoming episode!

To go along with the launch of his triple album, James has graciously created an ebook to help you set up and work through all aspects of creating and completing a collaborative project of your own. I also contributed to this resource and I think it contains a great deal of information that will be really useful for artists creating a project while working with various other creatives and business people.

To get your free copy of A Musician’s Guide to Collaborative Projects, click here!

James Dand on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/j.dand.profile

Inner Anthem on the web – https://www.inneranthem.com

Topics discussed in this episode : Where’s My Lemonade | Hal Eisenberg | ASCAP | BMI | SESAC | PRS for Music | PPL | Alan Hill

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