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Surf’s up listeners! This episode I speak to Ventana Surfboard Company co-founder, Microsoft employee, photographer and entrepreneur David Dennis about the importance of being an eco-friendly company, philanthropy, and his TedX talk about creating a life of serving others, by capitalizing on your passions. We discuss a range of marketing strategies and partnerships that fuel the business of artisanal surfboards, entrepreneurship as an ideology and David graciously shares his personal experience with a mental health condition.

David with a Hodgepodge board
A Treefish board
The Ventana logo and finger board
Laser engraved Ventana logo

Ventana Surfboards & Supply on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ventanasurfboards/

Ventana Surfboards & Supply on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/ventanasurfboards/

Ventana Surfboards & Supply on the web – https://ventanasurfboards.com

David Dennis on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidden/

Topics discussed in this episode : Microsoft | Outlook | Zoom | Microsoft Teams | Martijn Stiphout | Entropy Bio Resins | Recycled Bottle Polyester Shirts | Santa Cruz Guitar Company | TedX | Digital Nest |Humble Sea Brewing | Coffis Brothers | Ser Winery | The Lights Out | Treefish | Off Street Supply | Cyclothymia | Monterey Bay Aquarium | X (band) | Social Distortion | Oingo Boingo | English Beat

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