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Hailing mostly from the Dallas, Texas area, Storyteller are an eclectic sounding band in terms of where they fit genre-wise, but they are extremely focused on the message they portray both musically and lyrically. As you’ll discover in one of the deepest interviews I have done thus far, the emotional connection that comes out of the band is undeniable. Having witnessed first hand the intensity that the band and in particular Justin the vocalist performs with, the art being produced is incredibly authentic. In this interview, we learn what drives the music, what the guys have been up to during the lock down, and how they are managing the band with a member living in a different state.

Justin – Vocals
Nick – Bass

Storyteller on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/storytellertx/

Storyteller on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/storyteller_tx/

Storyteller on the web – https://storytellertx.bandcamp.com

Topics discussed in this episode : Killer’s Tacos | Creatures & Chemicals | Tellurian | Band Name Advice For Voice Recognition | Gas Monkey Live Closing | Tomcats West Closing | Memphis May Fire | Circa Survive | Corona Virus Gig Suit

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