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This episode I’m stoked to be talking with Simone Dow, guitarist with the awesome prog band Voyager from Australia. Simone talks about her family’s move from Scotland, getting a scholarship for classical guitar, and subsequently getting into metal and never looking back. We hear about life on the road, endorsement deals, and what it means to be signed to a record label in today’s DIY world. In addition, Simone graciously shares her experiences with chronic migraines, and how she manages practicing and playing shows, along with getting the word out about the organization Migraine Australia, as well as the condition itself.

Simone Dow on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/simmy_voyager/

Simone Dow on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/simone.dow

Voyager on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/voyagerau/

Voyager on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/voyageraustralia

Voyager on the web – https://www.voyagerau.com

Topics discussed in this episode : Ernie Ball Music Man | JPX7 | Ibanez | Mayones | Steve Vai | Gary Moore | Joe Satriani | Per Nilssen | Scar Symmetry | Guthrie Govan | Mesa Boogie | Mini Rectifier | Line 6 Stomp | Leprous | Einar Solberg | Iron Maiden | Bruce Dickinson | Seasons Of Mist | Anciients | Phil Anselmo | Gorguts | Migraine Australia | CGRP Drugs | PBS Australia | Hemiplegic Migraine | Tiger Balm | Steven Fry – Mythos | Bryan Doerries – The Theater of War | Devin Townsend | Ryan Van Poerderooyen

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