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Almost three decades ago I spent an hour almost every week for over three years learning guitar from one of South East England’s top guitar teachers. These were some of my most formative years, and having the chance to interview Ian and revisit those memories has illustrated just how much of that knowledge has stuck with me on a subconscious level. Check out our chat as we reminisce, discover Ian’s journey from a teenage guitar novice to a career spanning 40 years, guiding young musicians through their scales, organizing gigs for young bands at large venues, and now teaching music in a college for children with learning disabilities. Ian has a wonderful philosophy on life, education and the performance and enjoyment of music, and as a teacher has not only risen to the challenge of adapting to various learning styles, but now with the corona virus affecting our daily lives, has had to pivot in order to find ways of teaching online effectively to those students that are already impeded. On setting up this interview, I was expecting to have a conversation that included fond memories of my early teens. What I got was way more than that – a great insight into the philosophies of a fantastic teacher!

Ian on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/barney_of_bexhill/

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