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Episode 39 features Nika Comet, one half of Chase The Comet, an LA-based alt-rock duo that made a brave jump to move from their home of Moscow, Russia, to follow the American dream of hustle and entrepreneurship to bring their music to the world. Nika talks us through growing up in a theatrical family, being in bands in high school, and working as session musicians. She tells us the challenges of finding band members with the same goals and vision, why being a duo is the best situation right now, and also she shares her experiences with mental health. This interview is a great insight into an upcoming band with great songs, and illustrates the importance of sacrifice and the drive to see your ultimate vision through.

Chase The Comet on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/chasethecomet/

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Chase The Comet on the web – https://www.chasethecomet.com

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