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Returning to the podcast this episode is my good friend Johanna Hagarty of JPH Creative. We find out what Johanna has been up to since episode 31 in her economic development role in the local community, and about her recent move away from event production. The bulk of the discussion however, focuses on the current corona virus situation, what it means for the creative community, ways in which we can adapt in our businesses and be mindful of our mental health during these difficult times. We talk about ways in which you can “recession-proof” your business, and taking the time to learn skills to prepare yourself for the other side of the situation. We round out the discussion looking to the future, and hear a track from one of Johanna’s musical clients!

Contact Johanna through her social media accounts below:

Johanna Hagarty/JPH Creative on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/johanna.hagarty

Johanna Hagarty/JPH Creative on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/genuinelyjph/

Johanna Hagarty/JPH Creative on the web – https://jphcreative.lpages.co

Music in this episode by Kathryn O’Shea

This episode is sponsored by The Skinny Armadillo Print Company. Specializing in screen printing, embroidery, design, on demand digital printing, web stores, fulfillment and more.

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