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Right before the holiday I talked to Joe Leach, owner of Riff City Guitar, a Minnesota based guitar store that was the first US retailer to bring the Chapman Guitars brand to America, and unfortunately has recently closed its doors. We discuss Joe’s background in both sales and music; his journey in entrepreneurship and the different businesses he’s been a part of and look at the the retail industry at large. We talk about how important it is to figure out your “why” and I’m extremely grateful to Joe for sharing with us his struggle with depression, anxiety and addiction, and his insight into how he’s managed to overcome some things and live with others. Music is courtesy of the band Unturned, featuring Joe’s son Will on guitar!

Joe Leach on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/joe.leach.98

Riff City Guitar on the web – https://www.riffcityguitaroutlet.com

Overstock Bait on the web – https://www.overstockbait.com

Music in this episode by Unturned

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