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I’m grateful to Craig Constantine, for having me on his Podcast Community podcast recently, to talk about why I started my podcast, and how musicians can leverage the power of podcasting to further their career!

I recently chatted to Matt Gardiner about the podcast, mental health, the pandemic, and moving to the US from the UK! Look out for an upcoming episode with Matt about his band!

Judith Vergara kindly featured me on her podcast “The Play Inspired Podcast” to talk about mental health and entrepreneurship!

Ankesh Kumar grew up in the UK and moved to California in the 80s and has found success as a serial entrepreneur. He has decided to start a podcast to find out about people’s taste in music and pick 5 songs that relate to their life in some way. Check out Ankesh’s interview with yours truly!

Here’s an interview I did with James Dand from episode 8 and episode 76, about working on his album “Empowerment Songs” and a whole host of other stuff!”

Here are 3 episodes of my good friend Dave Swillum from the Waking Up From Work Podcast

You can hear the following two joint episodes on my podcast – episode 14 and episode 46)

Jessica Compton has a great channel that supports people with mental health through music. Check out my chat with her below!

Dan Clayton from Fret Success interviewed me a little while back – here’s the video!

Monica Strut has a fantastic podcast that is dedicated to helping musicians build their business.

I talk to my good friend Latoya Cooper about merch on her Music Meets The Boardroom podcast!

In the episode below, I was interviewed by Michelle Rubio-Garcia for the Beat The Clock Podcast! Check it out below.

Here is an conversation about live streaming I did with Tiffany Van Boxtel of The Star Singer Podcast. You can also hear this chat on episode 51 of my podcast.