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It’s been a while since I released the first “Just The Tip” episode. If you recall, it’s where I pose a question to the music community to find out what their perspective is on a particular topic. This time out I decided to find out what former guests thought about using their platform to voice various points of view to possibly influence fans’ opinions.

The specific wording of what I asked was this:

We have often heard the opinion of bands such as U2 and Roger Waters, being too vocal about political and social issues, sometimes to the detriment of the music. That being said, in today’s climate of social injustice and political upheaval, how important is it to you to use your platform as an artist/business owner/podcaster etc, to influence people’s opinion on issues? Are you concerned about losing fans/customers on less important issues, and where do you draw the line in terms of which issues you are willing to risk your business over?

This episode features responses from Elise Besler, Amie Chatterley, Anais Azul, Caleb Coonrod, Scott “Scottocaster” Harnish, and finally my good friend Latoya Cooper, the Songstress.

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