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Joining me in this long overdue interview, is the master shredder of Killbot Zero himself, Mr. Chris Cavera. Regular listeners will have heard his guitar playing on pretty much every episode’s intro music, as well as a few Killbot tunes, and possibly even a Brucifer track as well. Chris shares his musical history, how he writes music, and of course we disappear down the obligatory guitar gear rabbit hole! We also chat about how Chris got into teaching, how he approaches improving his playing and learning new techniques, as well as delving into his experience dealing with mental health issues.

Chris Cavera on the Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCovIJKwbB7ny61A26TqaHrQ

Topics discussed in this episode : Friendly Software | Megadeth | Metallica | Slayer | Rush | Van Halen | ELP | Transformers | Vince DiCola | Bruce Vermett | Noteworthy | Howards | Ibanez Rocket Roll | Buckethead | Ibanez VBT700 | DragonForce | Peavey Ultra Plus | Boss Katana | Axe FX III | Digitech GSP1101 | Amplitube | Laney GH50 | Boss SD-1 | ISP Decimator | Peavey 5150 | Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier | Marshall | NAMM | Rick Rubin | Marty Friedman

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