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My resident marketing expert Johanna Hagarty returns 100 episodes after her first appearance, to catch us up with what she’s been doing lately, and talks about her new upcoming course, Art Hero, that will coach creatives in how to run their business. We also hear about Johanna’s recent experience as a festival event staff member, and what that was like in a COVID world. The main part of our discussion revolves around the silver bullet mentality, the easy path to success that society craves, and what the reality really is when it comes to building your business. Finally, Johanna picks this episode’s musical guest in the form of one of her marketing clients, the Alex Krug Combo.

Johanna Hagarty on the web – https://www.jphcreative.biz

Johanna Hagarty on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/jphcreativebiz/

Art Hero on the web – https://www.arthero.biz

Art Hero on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/arthero.biz

Music in this episode by the Alex Krug Combo – https://www.alexkrugmusic.com

Topics discussed in this episode : Hickory Nut Gap Farm | Floyd Fest | Ashville NC | Blue Ridge Mountains | Avett Brothers | Mountain Xpress | Biz Radio | Louis Vuitton | American Idol | Brianna Ruelas | Derek Sivers | CD Baby | Jack Conte | Pomplamoose | Jack Conte Work To Publish Video | Loki | Dust | Azhelle Wade

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