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This episode I’m joined by Indie Week Founder and Director of Market Development Canada for CD Baby, Darryl Hurs! Darryl talks about the upcoming Indie 101 conference that will be happening April 20th-24th, about Indie Week and Screen X Screen, as well as his experience working for CD Baby on their global team. We also hear about how Darryl got into music and some of the amazing experiences he’s had while traveling the globe. This upcoming event is definitely a must attend for indie musicians, and is extremely affordable, especially considering the amount of education and networking opportunities available during the conference. I have already bought my ticket so I hope to see many of you online for the event. All the info is linked in the show notes of the episode.

Darryl Hurs on LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/darrylhurs/

Darryl Hurs on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/darryl_hurs/?hl=en

Darryl Hurs on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Darryl-Hurs-301000147098423

Indie Week on the web – https://www.indieweek.com/

CD Baby on the web – https://cdbaby.com

Sumo Cyco on the web – https://sumo-cyco.myshopify.com

Video with Benji from Skindred!!!

Topics discussed in this episode : Toronto | Indie Week | Indie 101 | Screen X Screen | CD Baby DIY Musician Conference | Gig Life Pro | Sarah Guppy | NFTs | Digital/Virtual Merch | Whova | Live Nation | VIP Nation | HMV Records | Clubhouse | Fortnite | Marshmello | Diplo | Metallica | Iceland Volcano Eruption | SXSW | Sim São Paulo | Liverpool Sound City | Great Escape

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