Music On Your Own Terms Episode 36 – Anna Wagenhauser/Chloe & The Steel Strings

Recently I connected with Anna on Instagram, but realized later that I had not only heard an interview with her, but actually referenced her opinion on social media in previous episodes of the podcast! During this chat, we dig into the history of the band she both manages, and performs in with her twin sister and the namesake of the group Chloe; what led them to follow music as a career; and her daytime job in creative marketing, where she learns about tools and strategies that then can be applied to the music business. We talk about the group’s dynamic including living in the same house, crowd funding to buy a touring van, and also the importance of philanthropy and community awareness. Anna has a lot of great tips on how to market your band, and as a younger musician and business woman, has some incredible insight into the current trends of gaining an audience both at the gig and on social media.

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Music in this episode by Chloe & The Steel Strings

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Music On Your Own Terms Episode 20 – Bruce Vermett & 1 Year Anniversary

Helping me celebrate 1 year, since the first episodes of the podcast were published, is my bud Bruce of Killbot Zero! After several years of trying to get him on some sort of podcast, I coerced him into a conversation about his history, his current projects and a couple of other subjects to boot.

Bruce in his natural habitat
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